Chaucer – A Vertical 3D Printer, Lego Compatible Parts

One of the print quality goals of the Chaucer Vertical 3D Printer is to be able to print snap-in LEGO® compatible plastic building blocks that are equal to or better in quality than LEGO parts. To be clear, the goal is NOT to reproduce LEGO parts, but to develop a 3d printer with a print pipeline good enough to high quality print parts that share similar interface characteristics with LEGO, but not copies of LEGO.

Today I was able to print compatible test parts that do indeed snap-in to Lego parts with an audible snap, which I might add, was music to my ears. The printed parts are also compatible with themselves. The quality is not there yet, but it will be when the print pipeline is fully developed and tuned. Nevertheless, I am pleased with the results thus far, and pleasantly surprised that Chaucer was able to print this level of quality, knowing the current print pipeline is far from being tuned.

Here is a photo of two of my test parts. The red part is the official LEGO® part, the black, LEGO compatible printed parts. The test parts were printed with 1.75 mm PLA filament.

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