Chaucer – A Vertical 3D Printer, First Print

Chaucer is a 3d printer modeled after a vertical milling machine, derived from Dave Kennell’s Pocket Printer. As in a vertical mill, the cutting tool, or in this case the adding tool, a plastic extruding print head, moves in the vertical z-axis. The z-axis is driven by a stepper motor and lead screw drive train, and can therefore support a heavy bulky load, making this printer suitable for experimenting with new multiple print heads.

Also like a vertical mill, the print bed moves horizontally on both the x and y axis directions, each driven by a stepper motor and timing belt drive train, making the table fast and agile, suitable for experimenting with extreme print speed and acceleration.

I completed my first successful print today. It’s not perfect, but easily fixed. Check out the video here.

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